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Classic Books Collection.Over 2,000 complete works. Only $19.99


Best-Selling Classic Books Library. Over 3,000 complete works. Only $49.99

The largest library for your handheld. Over 3,000 complete works by Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Edgar Poe, Dostoevsky, and more. Intuitive search and navigation. FREE Works of Charles Dickens in the trial version. Only $49.99. Save over 80% of the list price.

Desktop/Notebook/Tablet PC/Kindle/Kindle 2/Kindle DX
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The largest library for your computer, Smartphone, BlackBerry, or PDA. Over 3,000 complete works by Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Edgar Poe, Conan Doyle, Dostoevsky, and more. The library is delivered as 57 collections, organized by an author. Collections simplify book access through categorical, alphabetical, and chronological indexes. They offer convenience of one-time download, and reduce clutter of titles in your digital library.


  • The largest library for your computer, Smartphone, BlackBerry, or PDA conveniently organized into author collections.
  • All books feature hyperlinked table of contents, categorical, alphabetical, and chronological indexes, footnotes, and author biography.
  • Designed for optimal navigation on PDA, Smartphone, Tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases.
  • Formatted to display on all electronic devices including Smartphones and Mobile Devices with a small display.
  • Transfer one book at a time to your handheld or copy all books at once.
  • Automatic synchronization between the handheld and the desktop PC. You could read half of the book on the handheld, then finish reading on the desktop. Annotations and drawings are also synchronized.
  • FREE Updates.

Authors included in the library:

  1. Louisa May Alcott
  2. Hans Christian Andersen
  3. Jane Austen
  4. J. M. Barrie
  5. L. Frank Baum
  6. William Blake
  7. Anne Bronte
  8. Charlotte Bronte
  9. Emily Bronte
  10. Frances Hodgson Burnett
  11. Edgar Rice Burroughs
  12. Lewis Carroll
  13. Miguel de Cervantes
  14. Geoffrey Chaucer
  15. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
  16. Kate Chopin
  17. Agatha Christie
  18. Wilkie Collins
  19. James Fenimore Cooper
  20. Daniel Defoe
  21. Charles Dickens
  22. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  23. Arthur Conan Doyle
  24. Alexandre Dumas
  25. Thomas Hardy
  26. Nathaniel Hawthorne
  27. Elbert Hubbard
  28. Victor Hugo
  29. Washington Irving
  30. James Joyce
  31. Rudyard Kipling
  32. Gaston Leroux
  33. Jack London
  34. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  35. Nicolo Machiavelli
  36. Herman Melville
  37. Lucy Maud Montgomery
  38. Edgar Allan Poe
  39. Sir Walter Scott
  40. Anna Sewell
  41. William Shakespeare
  42. George Bernard Shaw
  43. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  44. Robert Louis Stevenson
  45. Bram Stoker
  46. Harriet Beecher Stowe
  47. Jonathan Swift
  48. Alfred Lord Tennyson
  49. William Makepeace Thackeray
  50. Leo Tolstoy
  51. Mark Twain
  52. Jules Verne
  53. Lew Wallace
  54. H. G. Wells
  55. Oscar Wilde
  56. Emile Zola

Below is the list of works included in the library:

Louisa May Alcott

Fiction :: Short Stories :: Poetry

Behind a Mask, or a Woman's Power
Eight Cousins
Flower Fables
Hospital Sketches
Jack and Jill
Jo's Boys
Little Men
Little Women
The Mysterious Key and What It Opened
An Old-Fashioned Girl
Pauline's Passion and Punishment
Rose in Bloom
A Story of Experience
Under the Lilacs

Short Stories
The Abbot's Ghost, or Maurice Treherne's Temptation
Aunt Kipp
The Baron's Gloves
The Brothers
A Country Christmas
The Cross on the Old Church Tower
The Death of John
Debby's Debut
A Garland for Girls
The King of Clubs and the Queen of Hearts
Kitty's Class Day
Marjorie's Three Gifts
A Modern Cinderella or the Little Old Shoe
My Red Cap
Nelly's Hospital
On Picket Duty
Psyche's Art
A Story for Young America
What the Bells Saw and Said

Our Little Ghost

Hans Christian Andersen

Novels :: Fairy Tales and Stories :: Non-Fiction

The Ice-Maiden
O. T. A Danish Romance

Fairy Tales and Stories
The Angel
The Bell
The Bell Deep
The Bottle Neck
The Butterfly
The Dream of Little Tuk
The Elderbush
The Emperor's New Clothes
The False Collar
The Fir Tree
The Garden of Paradise
The Happy Family
Holger Danske
Ib and Little Christine
The Leap-Frog
Little Ida's Flowers
The Little Match Girl
The Loving Pair
The Mermaid
The Metal Pig
The Naughty Boy
The Nightingale
The Old House
The Old Street Lamp
The Psyche
The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep
The Snail and the Rose-Tree
The Snow Man
The Steadfast Tin Soldier
The Swineherd
The Real Princess
The Red Shoes
The Shadow
The Shepherd's Story of the Bond of Friendship
She Was Good for Nothing
The Shoes of Fortune
The Snail and the Rose-Tree
The Snow Queen
The Story of a Mother
The Tinder Box
The Ugly Duckling
What the Old Man Does Is Always Right
The Wild Swans
The Wind's Tale

Pictures of Sweden
The True Story of My Life

Jane Austen

Lady Susan
Love and Freindship: (Lesley Castle | The History of England | A Collection of Letters)
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey
Pride and Prejudice
Sense and Sensibility

J. M. Barrie

Fiction :: Non-Fiction :: Plays :: Short Stories :: Essays

Auld Licht Idyls
Better Dead
Echoes of the War
The Little Minister
The Little White Bird
My Lady Nicotine -- A Study in Smoke (Illustrated by Maurice Brazil Prendergast)
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
Sentimental Tommy -- The Story of His Boyhood
Tommy and Grizel (Illustrated by Bernard Partridge)
A Window in Thrums (Illustrated by Bernard Partridge)

Margaret Ogilvy

The Admirable Crichton
Alice Sit-By-The-Fire
Dear Brutus
Peter Pan
What Every Woman Knows

Short Stories
The Inconsiderate Waiter


L. Frank Baum

Oz Works :: Non-Oz Works :: Short Stories :: Under Pseudonyms

Oz Works
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)
The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904)
The Woggle-Bug Book (1905)
Ozma of Oz (1907)
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz (1908)
The Road to Oz (1909)
The Emerald City of Oz (1910)
The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1913)
Tik-Tok of Oz (1914)
The Scarecrow of Oz (1915)
Rinkitink in Oz (1916)
The Lost Princess of Oz (1917)
The Tin Woodman of Oz (1918)
The Magic of Oz (1919)
Glinda of Oz (1920)

Non-Oz Works
Mother Goose in Prose (1897)
The Magical Monarch of Mo (1900)
American Fairy Tales (1901)
The Master Key: An Electric Fairy Tale (1901)
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1902)
The Enchanted Island of Yew (1903)
The Sea Fairies (1911)
Sky Island (1912)

Short Stories
The Box of Robbers
The Capture of Father Time
The Dummy That Lived
The Enchanted Types The Girl Who Owned a Bear
The Glass Dog
A Kidnapped Santa Claus
The King of the Polar Bears
The Laughing Hippopotamus
The Magic Bon Bons
The Mandarin and the Butterfly
The Queen of Quok
The Woggle-Bug Book: The Unique Adventures of the Woggle-Bug
The Wonderful Pump

Under Pseudonyms As Edith Van Dyne:
Aunt Jane's Nieces (1906)
Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad (1906)
Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work (1906)
Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville (1908)
Aunt Jane's Nieces in Society (1910)
Aunt Jane's Nieces and Uncle John (1911)
Aunt Jane's Nieces on Vacation (1912)
Aunt Jane's Nieces Out West (1914)
Aunt Jane's Nieces in the Red Cross (1915)
Mary Louise (1916)
Mary Louise in the Country (1916)
Mary Louise Solves a Mystery (1917)
Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls (1918)

William Blake

America: A Prophecy
Auguries of Innocence
The Book of Thel
Europe: A Prophecy
The Gates of Paradise
I Heard an Angel
I Saw a Chapel All of Gold
An Island in the Moon
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Mock On, Mock On, Voltaire, Rousseau
Poetical Sketches (7 Poems)
Silent, Silent Night
The Smile
Songs of Innocence and Experience (45 Poems)
To the Accuser Who Is the God of This World
To Nobodaddy
Visions of the Daughters of Albion

Anne Bronte

Agnes Grey
Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre
The Professor
Villette Biographical Notes on the Pseudonymous Bells

Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Novels :: Short Stories

The Dawn of a To-Morrow
Emily Fox-Seton
A Fair Barbarian
The Head of the House of Coombe
His Grace of Osmonde
In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim
A Lady of Quality
Little Lord Fauntleroy
A Little Princess
The Lost Prince
The Pretty Sister of Jose
Sara Crewe
The Secret Garden
The Shuttle
T. Tembarom
That Lass O' Lowrie's
The White People

Short Stories
Behind the White Brick
In the Closed Room
The Land of the Blue Flower
"Le Monsieur De La Petite Dame"
The Little Hunchback Zia
Little Saint Elizabeth and Other Stories
Mere Girauds Little Daughter
My Robin
One Day at Arle
The Proud Little Grain of Wheat
Racketty-Packetty House
The Story of Prince Fairyfoot
"Surly Tim"

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Martian Series :: Tarzan Series :: Venus Series :: Moon Series :: Pellucidar Series :: Caspak Series :: Mucker Series :: Other Science Fiction :: Jungle Adventure Novels :: Western Novels :: Historical Novels :: Other Works

Martian series / Barsoom series
A Princess of Mars
The Gods of Mars
Warlord of Mars
Thuvia, Maid of Mars
The Chessmen of Mars
Skeleton Men of Jupiter

Tarzan series
Tarzan of the Apes
The Return of Tarzan
The Beasts of Tarzan
The Son of Tarzan
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Tarzan the Untamed
Tarzan the Terrible
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
Tarzan and the Lion-Man
Tarzan and the Tarzan Twins with Jad-bal-ja the Golden Lion

Pellucidar series
At the Earth's Core

Caspak series
The Land That Time Forgot
The People That Time Forgot
Out of Time's Abyss

Mucker series
The Mucker
The Return of the Mucker
The Oakdale Affair

Other science fiction
Beyond The Farthest Star
The Lost Continent

Other work
The Efficiency Expert
The Girl from Farris's

Lewis Carroll

Prose :: Poems :: Other

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Through the Looking-Glass
Sylvie and Bruno

Atlanta in Camden-Town
Fame's Penny-Trumpeta 
Four Riddles
A Game of Fives
Hiawatha's Photography
The Hunting of the Snark, an Agony in Eight Fits
The Lang Coortin'
Poeta Fit, Non Nascitur
A Sea Dirge
Size and Tears
Tema Con Variazioni
The Three Voices
A Valentine
The Walrus and the Carpenter
Ye Carpette Knyghte
You Are Old, Father William

The Alphabet Cipher
The Game of Logic
What the Tortoise Said to Achilles

Miguel De Cervantes

Don Quixote: Intro | Volume I | Volume II (Part 1: 1605, Part II: 1615)

The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes (1613):
The Lady Cornelia
Rinconete and Cortadillo
The Licentiate Vidriera Or, Doctor Glass-Case
The Deceitful Marriage
Dialogue Between Scipio and Berganza
The Little Gipsy Girl
The Generous Lover
The Spanish-English Lady
The Force of Blood
The Jealous Estramaduran
The Illustrious Scullery-Maid
The Two Damsels

Geoffrey Chaucer

The Canterbury Tales
The Assembly of Fowls
Chaucer's A. B. C
Chaucer's Dream
The Court of Love
The Cuckoo and the Nightingale
The House of Fame
The Legend of Good Women
Miscellaneous Poems
Troilus and Cressida

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Plays :: Short Stories :: Other

The Anniversary
The Bear
The Cherry Orchard
On the High Road
The Proposal
The Sea-Gull
Swan Song
The Three Sisters
A Tragedian in Spite of Himself
Uncle Vanya
The Wedding

Short Stories A-Z (203 Stories)
Translated by Constance Garnett Aborigines
About Love
Actor's End
After the Theatre
'Anna on the Neck'
Anonymous Story
Artist's Story
At a Country House
At a Summer Villa
At Christmas Time
At Home
At the Barber's
Bad Business
Bad Weather
Bird Market
Black Monk
Chemist's Wife
Chorus Girl
Classical Student
Cook's Wedding
Country Cottage
Darling and Other Stories
Daughter of Albion
Day in the Country
Dead Body
Death of a Government Clerk
Defenceless Creature
Difficult People
Doctor's Visit
Dreary Story
Easter Eve
Enigmatic Nature
Examining Magistrate
Excellent People
Expensive Lessons
Fat And Thin
First-Class Passenger
From the Diary of a Violent-Tempered Man
Gentleman Friend
Gone Astray
Happy Ending
Happy Man
Head-Gardener's Story
Head of the Family
In A Strange Land
In an Hotel
In Exile
In Passion Week
In the Coach-House
In the Court
In the Dark
In the Graveyard
In the Ravine
In Trouble
Ivan Matveyitch
Jeune Premier
Lady with the Dog
Lady's Story
Lion and the Sun
Living Chattel
Lottery Ticket
Man in a Case
Mari D'Elle
Marshal's Widow
Minds in Ferment
My Life
Nervous Breakdown
New Villa
Not Wanted
Oh! The Public
Old Age
Old House
On Official Duty
On the Road
Overdoing It
Panic Fears
Peasant Wives
Peculiar Man
Pink Stocking
Privy Councillor
Rothschild's Fiddle
Shoemaker and the Devil
Shrove Tuesday
Small Fry
Story Without a Title
Story Without an End
Strong Impressions
Swedish Match
Teacher of Literature
Three Years
Too Early!
Tragic Actor
Trifle from Life
Tripping Tongue
Trivial Incident
Troublesome Visitor
Two Volodyas
Ward No. 6
Who Was to Blame?
Woman's Kingdom
Work of Art

Other Works
Letters Note-Book

Kate Chopin

Novels :: Short Story Collections :: Short Stories

At Fault
The Awakening

Short Story Collections
Bayou Folk
A Night in Acadie

Short Stories
A December Day in Dixie
A Family Affair
A Harbinger
A Horse Story
A Little Country Girl
A Pair of Silk Stockings
A Point at Issue!
A Reflection
An Idle Fellow
Doctor Chevalier's Lie
Emancipation. A Life Fable
Her Letters
Miss Mcenders
The Blind Man
The Kiss
The Locket
The Night Came Slowly
The Storm
The Story of an Hour

Agatha Christie

The Mysterious Affair at Styles 1920
The Secret Adversary 1922

Wilkie Collins

Novels :: Plays :: Short Stories

After Dark
The Black Robe
Blind Love Completed by Walter Besant
The Dead Alive
The Evil Genius
The Fallen Leaves
The Guilty River
The Haunted Hotel
Heart and Science
Hide and Seek
I Say No
Jezebel's Daughter
The Law and the Lady
Little Novels:
Mrs. Zant and the Ghost Miss Morris and the Stranger
Mr. Cosway and the Landlady
Mr. Medhurst and the Princess
Mr. Lismore and the Widow
Miss Jeromette and the Clergyman
Miss Mina and the Groom
Mr. Lepel and the Housekeeper
Mr. Captain and the Nymph
Mr. Marmaduke and the Minister
Mr. Percy and the Prophet
Miss Bertha and the Yankee
Miss Dulane and My Lord
Mr. Policeman and the Cook

Man and Wife
The Moonstone
My Lady's Money
The New Magdalen
No Name
Poor Miss Finch
The Queen of Hearts
A Rogue's Life
The Two Destinies
The Woman in White

Miss or Mrs.?
No Thoroughfare Co-Written with Charles Dickens
The Frozen Deep Co-Written with Charles Dickens

Short Stories
The Angler's Story of the Lady of Glenwith Grange
The Dream Woman
A Fair Penitent
The French Governess's Story of Sister Rose
A House to Let Co-Written with Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell and Adelaide Anne Procter
Last Leaves from Leah's Diary
Leaves from Leah's Diary
The Lawyer's Story of a Stolen Letter
The Nun's Story of Gabriel's Marriage
The Professor's Story of the Yellow Mask
The Traveller's Story of a Terribly Strange Bed

James Fenimore Cooper

Novels :: Short Stories :: Non-Fiction

Afloat and Ashore or the Adventures of Miles Wallingford
Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief
The Bravo
The Crater
The Deerslayer
The Headsman or the Abbaye Des Vignerons
Homeward Bound or the Chase
Home As Found, Sequel to Homeward Bound
Jack Tier or the Florida Reef
The Last of the Mohicans
Miles Wallingford, Sequel to "Afloat and Ashore"
The Monikins
Oak Openings
Pathfinder or the Inland Sea
The Pilot
The Pioneers or the Sources of the Susquehanna
The Prairie
The Red Rover
Satanstoe or the Littlepage Manuscripts
The Sea Lions Or, the Lost Sealers
The Spy, a Tale of the Neutral Ground
The Two Admirals
The Water-Witch or the Skimmer of the Seas
The Wept of Wish-Ton-Wish
The Wing-And-Wing
Wyandotte or the Hutted Knoll

Short Stories
Tales for Fifteen or Imagination and Heart
The Lake Gun

Ned Myers or a Life Before the Mast
New York or the Towns of Manhattan
Recollections of Europe
A Residence in France

Daniel Defoe

Novels :: Short Stories :: Non-Fiction

Dickory Cronke
A Journal of the Plague Year
Memoirs of a Cavalier
Moll Flanders
Robinson Crusoe, The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

Short Stories
The Apparition of Mrs. Veal
The Consolidator: The History of the Remarkable Life of John Sheppards
Everybody's Business Is Nobody's Business
From London to Land's End
The Life, Adventures & Piracies of the Famous Captain Singleton
Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins
Of Captain Mission
A Tour Through the Eastern Counties of England
A Vindication of the Press

The Complete English Tradesman
An Essay Upon Projects
Military Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton

Charles Dickens

Fiction :: Short Stories :: Non-Fiction


Barnaby Rudge
The Battle of Life
Bleak House
The Chimes
A Christmas Carol
The Cricket on the Hearth
David Copperfield
Dombey and Son
Great Expectations
Hard Times
The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain
Holiday Romance
Hunted Down
The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices
Little Dorrit
The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman
Martin Chuzzlewit
Master Humphrey's Clock
A Message from the Sea
Mudfog and Other Sketches
The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Nicholas Nickleby
No Thoroughfare
The Old Curiosity Shop
Oliver Twist
Our Mutual Friend
The Pickwick Papers
Reprinted Pieces
Sketches by Boz
A Tale of Two Cities
The Uncommercial Traveller

Short Stories

Some Christmas Stories:
A Christmas Tree
The Child's Story
Nobody's Story
The Poor Relation's Story
The Schoolboy's Story
What Christmas is as we Grow Older

Three Ghost Stories:
The Haunted House
The Signal-Man
The Trial For Murder

Doctor Marigold
George Silverman's Explanation
Going into Society
The Boots at the Holly Tree Inn
The Holly-Tree
A House to Let
The Lamplighter
Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy
Mrs. Lirriper's Lodging
Mugby Junction
Perils of Certain English Prisoners
The Seven Poor Travellers
Sketches of Young Couples
Sketches of Young Gentlemen
Somebody's Luggage
Sunday under Three Heads
To Be Read at Dusk
Tom Tiddler's Ground
Wreck of the Golden Mary


American Notes
A Child's History of England
Miscellaneous Papers (11 essays)
Pictures from Italy
Speeches: Literary and Social

Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Brothers Karamazov
Crime and Punishment
The Double: A Petersburg Poem
The Gambler
The Idiot
Notes from the Underground
Poor Folk
The Possessed or the Devils
The Raw Youth Or the Adolescent

Short stories:
The Christmas Tree and the Wedding
The Crocodile
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

Arthur Conan Doyle

The Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes :: The Napoleonic Tales :: The Professor Challenger Works :: Other Novels :: Other Short Stories and Collections :: Poetry :: Spiritualist Works :: Works on Current Affairs :: Literary Criticism

The Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes
  • A Study in Scarlet
  • The Sign of Four
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles
  • The Return of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Valley of Fear
  • His Last Bow
  • The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
The Napoleonic Tales
  • The Great Shadow And The Crime of the Brigadier
    The "Slapping Sal"
  • The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard
  • Uncle Bernac
  • The Adventures of Gerard
The Professor Challenger Works
  • The Lost World
  • The Poison Belt
  • The Land of Mist
  • The Disintegration Machine
  • When the World Screamed
Other Novels
  • Beyond the City
  • A Desert Drama: Being the Tragedy of the Korosko
  • The Doings of Raffles Haw
  • A Duet, with an Occasional Chorus
  • The Firm of Girdlestone
  • Micah Clarke
  • The Mystery of Cloomber
  • The Parasite
  • The Refugees
  • Rodney Stone
  • Sir Nigel
  • The Stark Munro Letters
  • The White Company
Other Short Stories and Collections
  • The Cabman's Story
  • The Captain of the Polestar and Other Tales:
    The Captain of the Pole-Star
    F. Habakuk Jephson's Statement
    The Great Keinplatz Experiment
    The Man from Archangel
    That Little Square Box
    John Huxford's Hiatus
    A Literary Mosaic
    John Barrington Cowles
    The Parson of Jackman's Gulch
    The Ring of Thoth
  • Danger! And Other Stories:
    One Crowded Hour
    A Point of View
    The Fall of Lord Barrymore
    The Horror of the Heights
    Borrowed Scenes
    The Surgeon of Gaster Fell
    How It Happened
    The Prisoner's Defence
    Three of Them
  • The Green Flag and Other Stories of War and Sport:
    The Green Flag
    Captain Sharkey
    The Croxley Master
    The Lord of Chateau Noir
    The Striped Chest
    A Shadow Before
    The King of the Foxes
    The Three Correspondents
    The New Catacomb
    The Debut of Bimbashi Joyce
    A Foreign Office Romance
  • The Last Galley. Tales and Impressions:
    the Last Galley
    The Contest
    Through the Veil
    An Iconoclast
    Giant Maximin
    The Coming of the Huns
    The Last of the Legions
    The First Cargo
    The Home-Coming
    The Red Star
    The Silver Mirror
    The Blighting of Sharkey
    The Marriage of the Brigadier
    The Lord of Falconbridge
    Out of the Running
    "De Profundis"
    The Great Brown-Pericord Motor
    The Terror of Blue John Gap
  • My Friend the Murderer
  • The Mystery of Sasassa Valley
  • Round the Red Lamp:
    Behind the Times
    His First Operation
    A Straggler of '15
    The Third Generation
    A False Start
    The Curse of Eve
    A Physiologist's Wife
    The Case of Lady Sannox
    A Question of Diplomacy
    A Medical Document
    Lot No. 249
    The Los Amigos Fiasco
    The Doctors of Hoyland
    The Surgeon Talks
  • Tales of Terror:
    The Horror of the Heights
    The Leather Funnel
    The New Catacomb
    The Case of Lady Sannox
    The Terror of Blue John Gap
    The Brazilian Cat
    Tales of Mystery:
    The Lost Special
    The Beetle-Hunter
    The Man with the Watches
    The Japanned Box
    The Black Doctor
    The Jew's Breastplate
  • Songs of Action (28 Songs)
  • Songs of the Road (32 Songs)
Spiritualist Works
  • The New Revelation, or What Is Spiritualism
  • The Vital Message
Works on Current Affairs
  • The Great Boer War
  • A Visit to Three Fronts
Literary Criticism
  • Through the Magic Door

Alexandre Dumas

The D'Artagnan Romances :: Other Novels :: Celebrated Crimes

The D'Artagnan Romances:
The Three Musketeers
Twenty Years After
The Vicomte de Bragelonne in three parts:
Ten Years Later
Louise De La Valliere
The Man in the Iron Mask

The Black Tulip
Chicot the Jester (La Dame De Monsoreau)
The Companions of Jehu
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Forty-Five Guardsmen
The Queen's Necklace

Celebrated Crimes:
Ali Pacha
The Borgias
The Cenci
The Countess De Saint Geran
Joan of Naples
Karl-Ludwig Sand
La Constantin
Martin Guerre
The Marquise De Brinvilliers
The Marquise De Ganges
Massacres of the South
Mary Stuart
Urbain Grandier

Thomas Hardy

Novels of Character and Environment :: Romances and Fantasies :: Novels of Ingenuity :: Short Stories :: Collected Stories :: Poetry

Novels of Character and Environment
Far from the Madding Crowd
Jude the Obscure
Life's Little Ironies
The Mayor of Casterbridge
The Return of the Native
Romantic Adventures of a Milkman
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Under the Greenwood Tree
Wessex Tales
The Woodlanders

Romances and Fantasies
A Group of Noble Dames
A Pair of Blue Eyes
The Trumpet-Major
Two on a Tower
The Well-Beloved

Novels of Ingenuity
Desperate Remedies
The Hand of Ethelberta
A Laodicean

Short Stories
Alicia's Diary
A Changed Man
A Committee-Man of 'The Terror'
The Distracted Preacher
The Duke's Reappearance
Enter a Dragoon
A Few Crusted Characters
For Conscience' Sake
The Grave by the Handpost
An Imaginative Woman
Interlopers at the Knap
Master John Horseleigh, Knigh
The Melancholy Hussar of the German Legion
A Mere Interlude
On the Western Circuit
The Son's Veto
The Three Strangers
To Please His Wife
A Tragedy of Two Ambitions
A Tryst at an Ancient Earth Work
The Waiting Supper
What the Shepherd Saw
The Withered Arm

Collected Stories
A Changed Man and Other Tales
Life's Little Ironies
Wessex Tales

The Dynasts
Late Lyrics and Earlier with Many Other Verses
Moments of Vision
Poems of the Past and Present
Satires of Circumstance
Time's Laughingstocks and Other Verses
Wessex Poems and Other Verses

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Fiction :: Short Story Collections :: Non-Fiction

The Blithedale Romance
Doctor Grimshawe's Secret - A Romance
The Dolliver Romance and Other Pieces: Tales and Sketches
Grandfather's Chair and Biographical Stories
House of the Seven Gables
The Marble Faun
The Scarlet Letter
Septimius Felton, Or, the Elixir of Life

Short story collections
Mosses from an Old Manse and Other Stories (26 Stories)
The Snow Image and Other Stories (15 Stories)
Tanglewood Tales (7 Stories)
Twice Told Tales (36 Stories)
A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys

Our Old Home
Passages from the American Notebooks
Passages from the French and Italian Notebooks
Passages from the English Notebooks

Sketches and Studies:
Life of Franklin Pierce
Chiefly About War Matters
Alice Doane's Appeal
The Ancestral Footstep

Elbert Hubbard

Love, Life & Work: Being a Book of Opinions Reasonably Good-Natured Concerning How to Attain the Highest Happiness for One's Self with the Least Possible Harm to Others
A Message to Garcia, Being a Preachment
Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great:
American Statesmen
Eminent Artists
Eminent Painters
English Authors
Famous Women
Good Men
Great Musicians
Great Reformers
Great Scientists
Great Teachers
John J. Astor
The Mintage:
Battle of the Little Big Horn
Billy and the Book
Cleopatra and Ceasar
Five Babies
John the Baptist and Salome
The Master
Simeon Stylites the Syrian
A Special Occasion
To the West
Uncle Joe and Aunt Melinda

Victor Hugo

Novels :: Short Stories :: Non-Fiction :: Poems

The Man Who Laughs
Notre-Dame De Paris or the Hunchback of Notre Dame
Napoleon the Little
Les Miserables
Toilers of the Sea

Short Stories
A Fight with a Cannon
Claude Gueux

The History of a Crime
The Memoirs of Victor Hugo
Preface to Cromwell

Poems (~200)

Washington Irving

Short Stories :: Non-Fiction

Short Stories / Sketches
Bracebridge Hall, or the Humorists (44 Sketches)
The Crayon Papers (16 Sketches/essays)
The Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon (32 Stories, Includes the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Little Britain and Rip Van Winkle)
Tales of a Traveller (30 Sketches, Two Volumes)
Wolfert's Roost and Miscellanies (21 Sketches)

Non-Fiction: Biography / History
Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey
The Adventures of Captain Bonneville
Knickerbocker's History of New York
Oliver Goldsmith, a Biography
Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada

James Joyce

A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man (1916)
Ulysses (1922)

Exiles (1915)

Chamber Music (1907)
Pomes Penyeach (1904-1924)

Short story collection:
Dubliners (1914)

Short Stories:
After the Race
The Boarding House
The Dead
An Encounter
Ivy Day in the Committee Room
A Little Cloud
A Mother
A Painful Case
The Sisters
Two Gallants

Rudyard Kipling

Captains Courageous
The Light That Failed
Stalky & Co
The Story of the Gadsby

Short Stories and collections
Actions and Reactions
Day's Work
A Diversity of Creatures
The Eyes of Asia
Indian Tales
Judson and the Empire
The Jungle Book
Just So Stories
Life's Handicap
Plain Tales from the Hills
Puck of Pook's Hill
The Recrudescence of Imray
Rewards and Fairies
The Second Jungle Book
Soldiers Three
Traffics and Discoveries
Under the Deodars

Departmental Ditties
In Spring Time
Other Verses
The Overland Mail
The Seven Seas
Songs from Books
Verses 1889-1896
The Years Between

American Notes
France at War
Letters of Travel
Sea Warfare

Gaston Leroux

The Double Life
The Mystery of the Yellow Room
The Phantom of the Opera
The Secret of the Night

Jack London

Novels :: Short Story Collections :: Short Stories & Tales :: Plays :: Autobiographical Memoirs :: Nonfiction and Essays

The Abysmal Brute
Before Adam
Burning Daylight
The Call of the Wild
Children of the Frost
The Cruise of the Dazzler
A Daughter of the Snow
The Game
The Iron Heel
The Jacket (The Star-Rover)
Jerry of the Islands
The Little Lady of the Big House
Martin Eden
Michael, Brother of Jerry
The Mutiny of the Elsinore
The Scarlet Plague
The Sea Wolf
A Son of the Sun
The Valley of the Moon
White Fang

Short story collections:
Smoke Bellew (6 Stories)
Tales of the Fish Patrol (6 Stories)
The Turtles of Tasman (8 Stories)

Short stories & tales:
Brown Wolf and Other Stories (8 Stories)
Dutch Courage and Other Stories (10 Stories)
The Faith of Men and Other Stories (8 Stories)
The God of His Father: Tales of the Klondyke (11 Stories)
The House of Pride, and Other Tales of Hawaii (6 Tales)
The Human Drift (5 Stories)
Lost Face (5 Stories)
Love of Life and Other Stories (6 Stories)
Moon-Face and Other Stories (7 Stories)
The Night-Born and Other Stories (10 Stories)
On the Makaloa Mat: Island Tales (8 Tales)
The Red One (4 Stories)
The Son of the Wolf and Other Stories (9 Stories)
South Sea Tales (5 Tales)
The Strength of the Strong and Other Stories (7 Stories)
Tales of the Fish Patrol (6 Tales)
When God Laughs and Other Stories (12 Stories)

A Wicked Woman
The Birth Mark

Autobiographical memoirs:
John Barleycorn
The Road

Nonfiction and essays:
The Cruise of the Snark
The People of the Abyss
Revolution, and Other Essays
War of the Classes

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Plays :: Collections :: Poems :: Prose :: Translations

Giles Corey of the Salem Farms
John Endicott
Judas Maccabaeus
The Spanish Student

Birds of Passage
The Children's Own Longfellow Illustrated
Christus: A Mystery
The Courtship of Miles Standish
In the Harbor
Michael Angelo
Poems on Slavery
The Seaside and the Fireside
Tales of a Wayside Inn
Ultima Thule
Voices of the Night

Poems A-Z


Dante's The Divine Comedy

Nicolo Machiavelli

1. The Prince, 1513
2. The Art of War, 1519-1520
3. Discourses on Livy or Discourses on the First Decade of Titus Livius, 1512-1517
4. Description of the Methods Adopted by the Duke Valentino When Murdering Vitellozzo Vitelli, Oliverotto Da Fermo, the Signor Pagolo, and the Duke DI Gravina Orsini, 1502
5. The Life of Castruccio Castracani of Lucca, 1520
6. History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy or Florentine Histories, 1520-1525

Herman Melville

Novels :: Poetry :: Stories

Billy Budd, Sailor
The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade
Israel Potter
Mardi: And a Voyage Thither, Vol. I | Vol. II
Moby Dick
Redburn, His First Voyage
White-Jacket, or the World in a Man-Of-War

John Marr and Other Poems
Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War
Poems from Clarel
Poems from Mardi
Poems from Timoleon
Sea Pieces and Other Poems

Hawthorne and His Mosses
I And My Chimney
The Piazza Tales
: Bartleby the Scrivener | The Bell-Tower | Benito Cereno | The Encantadas; Or, Enchanted Isles | The Lightning-Rod Man | The Piazza

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables (1908)
Anne of Avonlea (1909) (sequel to Anne of Green Gables)
Kilmeny of the Orchard (1910)
The Story Girl (1911)
The Golden Road (1913) (sequel to The Story Girl)
Anne of the Island (1915) (sequel to Anne of Avonlea)
Anne's House of Dreams (1917) (sequel to Anne of Windy Poplars)
Rainbow Valley (1919) (sequel to Anne of Ingleside)
Rilla of Ingleside (1921) (sequel to Rainbow Valley)

Short story collections
Chronicles of Avonlea
Further Chronicles of Avonlea

Stories A-Z
Short Stories, 1896 to 1901
Short Stories, 1902 to 1903
Short Stories, 1904
Short Stories, 1905 to 1906
Short Stories, 1907 to 1908
Short Stories, 1909 to 1922

The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career

Edgar Allan Poe

Fiction :: Short Stories :: Poetry :: Essays

Fiction - Longer Works
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfaall

Short Stories
Angel of the Odd
Balloon Hax
Business Man
Cask of Amontillado
Colloquy of Monos and Una
Conversation of Eiros and Charmion
Descent into the Maelstram
Devil in the Belfry
Domain of Arnheim
Duc De L'Omelette
Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
Fall of the House of the Usher
Four Beasts in One
Hop Frog
How to Write a Blackwood Article
Imp of the Perverse
Island of the Fay
King Pest
Landor's Cottage
Landscape Garden
Loss of Breath
Man of the Crowd
Man That Was Used Up
Masque of the Red Death
Mellonta Tauta
Mesmeric Revelation
Ms. Found in a Bottle
Murders in the Rue Morgue
Mystery of Marie Roget
Never Bet the Devil Your Head
Oblong Box
Oval Portrait
Pit and the Pendulum
Premature Burial
Purloined Letter
Shadow -- A Parable
Silence -- A Fable
Some Words with a Mummy
System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
Tale of Jerusalem
Tale of the Ragged Mountains
Tell Tale Heart
Thou Art the Man
Thousand-And-Second Tale of Scheherazade
Three Sundays in a Week
Von Kempelen and His Discovery
Why the Little Frenchman Wears His Hand in a Sling
William Wilson
X-Ing a Paragrab

Al Aaraaf
Annabel Lee
Bridal Ballad
City in the Sea
Conqueror Worm
Dream Within a Dream
Evening Star
For Annie
Forest Reverie
Happiest Day
Haunted Palace
In Youth I Have Known One
Island of the Fay
Power of Words
Sonnet -- To Science
Spirits of the Dead
To F--
To Frances S. Osgood
To Helen
To Isadore
To Marie Louise
To My Mother
To One in Paradise
To the River
To Zante
Valley of Unrest
Village Street

Death of Edgar A. Poe By N. P. Willis
Edgar Allan Poe: An Appreciation
Life of Edgar Allan Poe By James Russell Lowell
Old English Poetry
Philosophy of Furniture
The Philosophy of Composition
The Poetic Principle

Sir Walter Scott

The Waverley Novels :: Tales of My Landlord :: Tales from Benedictine Sources :: Short Stories :: Poems :: Other

The Waverley Novels
The Antiquary
The Betrothed
The Fair Maid of Perth
The Fortunes of Nigel
Guy Mannering
Peveril of the Peak
Quentin Durward
Rob Roy
St. Ronan's Well
The Talisman
Woodstock; Or, the Cavalier

Tales of My Landlord
1st Series The Black Dwarf and Old Mortality
2nd Series, The Heart of Midlothian
3rd Series, The Bride of Lammermoor and A Legend of Montrose
4th Series, Count Robert of Paris and Castle Dangerous

Tales from Benedictine Sources
The Monastery
The Abbot, Sequel to the Monastery

Short stories
Chronicles of the Canongate, Collection of Three Short Stories:
The Highland Widow
The Two Drovers
The Surgeon's Daughter

The Keepsake Stories:
My Aunt Margaret's Mirror
The Tapestried Chamber
Death of the Laird's Jock

The Bard's Incantation
The Dance of Death
Donald Caird's Come Again
Farewell to Mackenzie
The Field of Waterloo
Hunting Song
The Lady of the Lake
The Lay of the Last Minstrel
Lullaby of an Infant Chief
Macgregor's Gathering
Nora's Vow
Pharos Loquitur
Pibroch of Donald Dhu
Romance of Dunois
The Vision of Don Roderick

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft
The Life of John Dryden

Anna Sewell

Black Beauty

William Shakespeare

Comedies :: Histories :: Tragedies :: Poems

All's Well That Ends Well
As You Like It
The Comedy of Errors
Love's Labour's Lost
Measure for Measure
The Merchant of Venice
Merry Wives of Windsor
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Much Ado About Nothing
Pericles, Prince of Tyre
The Taming of the Shrew
The Tempest
Twelfth Night
Two Gentlemen of Verona
The Winter's Tale

King Henry IV, Part 1
King Henry IV, Part 2
King Henry V
King Henry VI, Part 1
King Henry VI, Part 2
King Henry VI, Part 3
King Henry VIII
King John
King Richard II
King Richard III

Antony and Cleopatra
Julius Caesar
King Lear
Romeo and Juliet
Timon of Athens
Titus Andronicus
Troilus and Cressida

A Lover's Complaint
The Passionate Pilgrim
The Phoenix and the Turtle
The Rape of Lucrece
The Sonnets
Venus and Adonis

George Bernard Shaw

Novels :: Plays :: Non-Fiction

Cashel Byron's Profession
The Irrational Knot
Revolutionist's Handbook and Pocket Companion
An Unsocial Socialist

Androcles and the Lion
Arms and the Man
Augustus Does His Bit
Back to Methuselah
Caesar and Cleopatra
Captain Brassbound's Conversion
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
The Devil's Disciple
The Doctor's Dilemma
Fanny's First Play
Getting Married
Great Catherine
Heartbreak House
How He Lied to Her Husband
The Inca of Perusalem
John Bull's Other Island
Major Barbara
Man and Superman
The Man of Destiny
Mrs Warren's Profession
O'Flaherty V.c.
The Philanderer
Press Cuttings
The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet
Widowers' Houses
You Never Can Tell

The Doctor's Dilemma: Preface on Doctors
Maxims for Revolutionists
The Perfect Wagnerite
Preface to Major Barbara
Preface to Androcles and the Lion
Treatise on Parents and Children

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Novels :: Plays :: Non-Fiction

Frankenstein (1818)
The Last Man (1826)
Mathilda (1819)

Midas (1820)
Proserpine (1820)

Notes to the Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1839)

Robert Louis Stevenson

Novels :: Short Story Collections :: Short Stories :: Travel Writing :: Non-Fiction :: Poetry :: Plays

The Black Arrow
David Balfour / Catriona, Sequel to Kidnapped
The Ebb-Tide
Master of Ballantrae
Prince Otto, a Romance
St. Ives, Being the Adventures of a French Prisoner in England
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Treasure Island
The Wrecker
The Wrong Box
Weir of Hermiston

Short story collections
Island Nights' Entertainments (3 Stories)
Merry Men (6 Stories)
New Arabian Nights (6 Stories)
The Dynamiter (14 Stories)

Short stories
The Body-Snatcher
A Christmas Sermon
The Misadventures of John Nicholson
The Story of a Lie
The Waif Woman

Travel writing
Across the Plains
Essays of Travel
An Inland Voyage
The Silverado Squatters
Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

Edinburgh Picturesque Notes
Essays in the Art of Writing
Other Essays
Familiar Studies of Men and Books
Father Damien, an Open Letter to the Reverend Dr. Hyde of Honolulu
A Footnote to History, Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa
In the South Seas
Lay Morals and Other Papers
Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin
Memories and Portraits
Records of a Family of Engineers
Vailima Letters
Virginibus Puerisque and Other Papers

A Child's Garden of Verses
Moral Emblems
New Poems
Vailima Prayers
Songs of Travel

Plays by W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson
Admiral Guinea
Beau Austin
Deacon Brodie
Robert Macaire

Bram Stoker

Novels :: Short Story Collections :: Short Stories

The Jewel of Seven Stars
The Lady of the Shroud
The Lair of the White Worm
The Man

Short Story Collections
Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories
Under the Sunset (Collection of 8 Stories)

Short Stories
The Burial of the Rats
The Castle of the King
The Coming of Abel Behenna
Crooken Sands
Dracula's Guest Alternate Titles: Dracula's Daughter, Walpurgis Night, the Dream in the Dead House
A Dream of Red Hands
The Dualitists
The Gipsy Prophecy
How 7 Went Mad
The Invisible Giant
The Judge's House
Lies and Lilies
The Red Stockade
The Rose Prince
The Secret of the Growing Gold
The Shadow Builder
The Squaw
Under the Sunset Alternate Title: The Spectre of Doom
The Wondrous Child

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Novels :: Non-Fiction :: Short Stories :: Poetry :: Letters

Pink and White Tyranny
Sunny Memories of Foreign Lands: Volume 1, Volume 2
Uncle Tom's Cabin

Lady Byron Vindicated
Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Compiled from Her Letters and Journals by Her Son Charles Edward Stowe

Short Stories
Betty's Bright Idea and Other Stories
Betty's Bright Idea
Deacon Pitkin's Farm
The First Christmas of New England
The Minister's Wooing
Oldtown Fireside Stories
Captain Kidd's Money
The Ghost in the Cap'n Brownhouse
The Ghost in the Mill
The Minister's Housekeeper
"Mis' Elderkin's Pitcher"
The Sullivan Looking-Glass
The Widow's Bandbox
Queer Little Folks
the Diverting History of Little Whiskey
Hen That Hatched Ducks
The History of Tip-Top
Hum, the Son of Buz
Miss Katy-Did and Miss Cricket
Mother Magpie's Mischief
The Nutcrackers of Nutcracker Lodge
The Squirrels That Live in a House
Our Country Neighbours

The Crocus
Mary at the Cross
The Old Psalm Tune
The Other World
The Twelve Months: A New Year's Dream

Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe
Letter to Horace Mann
Letter to William Lloyd Garrison

Jonathan Swift

Novels :: Essays, Tracts, Satires, Periodicals :: Poems :: Correspondence :: Sermons, Prayers

Gulliver's Travels (1726)

Essays, tracts, satires, periodicals
An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity (1708-1711)
The Battle of the Books and Other Short Pieces (1704)
The Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers (1707?)
Contributions to the Tatler (1710)
Drapier's Letters (1724, 1725)
An Essay on the Fates of Clergymen
The Examiner (1710)
Historical and Political Tracts
Historical Writings
The Intelligencer (1710)
A Modest Proposal (1729)
The Spectator
A Tale of a Tub (1704)

Poems (A-Z Index)
Poems of Jonathan Swift, D.d. Vol. I
Poems of Jonathan Swift, D.d. Vol. II

The Journal to Stella (1710-1713)

Sermons, prayers
Three Sermons, Three Prayer (1744) Writings on Religion and the Church. Vol. I
Writings on Religion and the Church. Vol. II

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Poetry Books :: Poems :: Plays

Poetry Books
Idylls of the King
Enoch Arden, &c

A Farewell
All Things Will Die
And Ask Ye Why These Sad Tears Stream?
Break, Break, Break
By an Evolutionist
The Brook
The Burial of Love
The Charge of the Heavy Brigade
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Come Down, O Maid
Come Not, When I Am Dead
Crossing the Bar
De Profundis
Dedicatory Poem to the Princess Alice
The Defence of Lucknow
Flower in the Crannied Wall
The Higher Pantheism
In Memoriam A. H. H.
In the Garden at Swainston
The Kraken
Lady Clare
The Lady of Shalott
Locksley Hall
The Lotos-Eaters
The Lover's Tale
The Miller's Daughter
Miscellaneous Poems and Contributions to Periodicals, 1833-68
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
The Oak
Ode to Memory
The Palace of Art
The Princess
Ring Out Wild Bells
Sir Galahad
St. Agnes' Eve
Summer Night
To Victor Hugo
To Virgil

The Cup
The Falcon
The Promise of May
Queen Mary

William Makepeace Thackeray

Fiction :: Play :: Non-Fiction :: Poetry :: Short Stories

Barry Lyndon
The Book of Snobs
The Christmas Books of Mr. M. A. Titmarsh
The History of Henry Esmond
The History of Pendennis
The History of Samuel Titmarsh and the Great Hoggarty Diamond
The Memoirs of Mr. Charles J. Yellowplush
Men's Wives
Roundabout Papers
The Newcomes
The Paris Sketch Book
Vanity Fair
The Virginians

The Wolves and the Lamb

From Cornhill to Grand Cairo

The Chronicle of the Drum (14 Ballads)
The Ballads of Policeman X (13 Ballads)
Five German Ditties (5 Ballads)
Four Imitations of Beranger
Imitation of Horace
Love-Songs Made Easy (7 Songs)
The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman (8 Poems)
Lyra Hibernica
Old Friends with New Faces (16 Ballads)

Short Stories
The Bedford-Row Conspiracy
The Fatal Boots
The Fitz-Boodle Papers
George Cruikshank
John Leech's Pictures of Life and Character
A Little Dinner at Timmin's
Little Travels and Roadside Sketches
The Second Funeral of Napoleon

Leo Tolstoy

Novels :: Dramatic Plays :: Autobiographical Writings :: Stories :: Essays

Anna Karenina
The Cossacks, a Tale of 1852
The Death of Ivan Ilych
Hadji Murad
Master and Man
The Kreutzer Sonata
Resurrection; Or, the Awakening
War and Peace

Dramatic Plays:
Fruits of Culture
Redemption, Also Known As The Man Who Was Dead, Or, Reparation, or The Living Corpse
The Power of Darkness
Autobiographical writings:
A Confession
First Recollections
A History of Yesterday

The Candle
Fables for Children
Father Sergius
The Godfather
Katia Also Translated As Family Happiness
A Lost Opportunity
Polikushka: The Lot of a Wicked Court Servant
The Porcelain Doll
Strider: The Story of a Horse
Two Hussars

The Forged Coupon and Other Stories
- The Forged Coupon
- After the Dance
- Alyosha the Pot
- My Dream
- There Are No Guilty People
- The Young Tsar
Twenty-Three Tales:
- God Sees the Truth, but Waits
- The Prisoner of the Caucasus
- The Bear Hunt
- What Men Live By
- A Spark Neglected Burns the House
- Two Old Men
- Where Love Is, There God Is Also
- Ivan the Fool
- Evil Allures, but Good Endures
- Little Girls Wiser Than Men; Or, Wisdom of Children
- Ilyas
- The Three Hermits
- The Imp and the Crust
- How Much Land Does a Man Need?
- A Grain As Big As a Hen's Egg
- The Godson
- The Repentant Sinner
- The Empty Drum
- The Coffee-House of Surat
- Too Dear!
- Esarhaddon, King of Assyria
- Work, Death, and Sickness
- Three Questions

A Comparison of America and Europe
The First Step
The Gospel in Brief
The Kingdom of God Is Within You
Last Message to Mankind
A Letter to a Hindu
A Letter to Russian Liberals
The Moscow Census
My Religion
On Labor and Luxury
on the Significance of Science and Art
Patriotism and Government
The Slavery of Our Times
A Talk Among Leisured People
Thoughts Evoked by the Census of Moscow
Thou Shalt Not Kill
To the Tsar and His Assistants
To Women
To the Working People
Walk in the Light While There Is Light
What I Believe
What to Do?
Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves

Mark Twain

Novels :: Short Stories :: Short Story Collections :: Essays :: Non Fiction

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The American Claimant
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
A Dog's Tale
A Double Barrelled Detective Story
The Gilded Age
A Horse's Tale
The Mysterious Stranger
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc
The Prince and the Pauper
Those Extraordinary Twins
Tom Sawyer Abroad
Tom Sawyer Detective
The Tragedy of Pudd'Nhead Wilson

Short stories:
The â£1,000,000 Bank-Note
Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Extracts from Adam's Diary
Eve's Diary
The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut
Goldsmith's Friend Abroad Again
A Letter from Santa Claus
The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg
Some Rambling Notes of an Idle Excursion
The Stolen White Elephant
The War Prayer

Short story collections:
Alonzo Fitz and Other Stories (16 Stories)
Sketches New and Old (62 Stories)
The 30,000 Dollar Bequest (26 Stories)
Letters from the Earth

How to Tell a Story and Other Essays
Christian Science
Concerning the Jews
The Curious Republic of Gondour, and Other Whimsical Sketches
Essays on Paul Bourget
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offences In Defence of Harriet Shelley
To the Person Sitting in Darkness
What Is Man? And Other Essays

Non fiction:
Editorial Wild Oats
Following the Equater
The Innocents Abroad
Life on the Mississippi
The Private History of a Campaign That Failed
Roughing It
A Tramp Abroad
Is Shakespeare Dead?

Jules Verne

The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
The Adventures of a Special Correspondent
All Around the Moon [Sequel to From the Earth to the Moon]
An Antarctic Mystery
Around the World in Eighty Days
The Blockade Runners
Dick Sand Or, a Captain at Fifteen
Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
Facing the Flag
Five Weeks in a Balloon
From the Earth to the Moon And, Round the Moon
The Fur Country, Seventy Degrees North Latitude
Godfrey Morgan - A Californian Mystery
In Search of the Castaways; Or the Children of Captain Grant
In the Year 2889
A Journey to the Center of the Earth [Also Translated As The Journey to the Interior of the Earth]
The Master of the World
Michael Strogoff or the Courier of the Czar
The Moon-Voyage [Containing "From the Earth to the Moon," And "Round the Moon."]
The Mysterious Island
Off on a Comet; Or Hector Servadac
Robur the Conqueror
The Secret of the Island
The Survivors of the Chancellor
Ticket No. "9672"
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
The Underground City, or the Black Indies, or the Child of the Cavern
A Voyage in a Balloon
The Waif of the "Cynthia"

Lew Wallace

Ben-Hur; A Tale of the Christ
The Prince of India; Or, Why Constantinople Fell

H. G. Wells

Novels :: Collections :: Short Stories :: Non-Fiction

Ann Veronica
The First Men in the Moon
The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth
The History of Mr Polly
In the Days of the Comet
The Invisible Man
The Island of Dr Moreau
Little Wars
Love and Mr Lewisham
Mr. Britling Sees It Through
The New Machiavelli
The Research Magnificent
The Secret Places of the Heart
The Sleeper Awakes
The Soul of a Bishop
The Time Machine
The War in the Air
The War of the Worlds
The Wheels of Chance
When the Sleeper Wakes
The World Set Free

The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents
Twelve Stories and a Dream

Short Stories

Aepyornis Island
The Beautiful Suit
The Chronic Argonauts
The Country of the Blind
The Crystal Egg
A Deal in Ostriches
The Diamond Maker
The Door in the Wall
A Dream of Armageddon
The Fight in the Lion's Thicket
The First Horseman
The Flowering of the Strange Orchid
The Flying Man
The Grisly Folk
The Hammerpond Park Burglary
In the Avu Observatory
The Jilting of Jane
Jimmy Goggles the God
The Lord of the Dynamos
The Magic Shop
Miss Winchelsea's Heart
The Moth
A Moonlight Fable
Mr. Brisher's Treasure
Mr. Ledbetter's Vacation
Mr. Skelmersdale in Fairyland
The New Accelerator
The Obliterated Man
The Pearl of Love
The Plattner Story
The Purple Pileus
The Red Room
The Reign of Uya the Lion
The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes
Russia in the Shadows
The Sea Raiders
A Slip under the Microscope
The Star
The Stolen Body
The Stolen Bacillus
The Story of the Inexperienced Ghost
The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham
The Temptation of Harringay
The Treasure in the Forest
The Triumphs of a Taxidermist
Through a Window
The Truth About Pyecraft
Ugh-Lomi and the Cave Bear
Ugh-Lomi and Uya
Under the Knife
A Vision of Judgment
The Valley of Spiders
The Wild Asses of the Devil

Certain Personal Matters
An Englishman Looks at the World
First and Last Things
Floor Games
God the Invisible King
In the Fourth Year
Mankind in the Making
A Modern Utopia
War and the Future
What is Coming?

Oscar Wilde

Fiction / Novel:
The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Duchess of Padua
A Florentine Tragedy
An Ideal Husband
The Importance of Being Earnest
Lady Windermere's Fan
Salome Illustrations by Aubrey Beardsley
Vera; Or, the Nihilists
A Woman of No Importance

Short Stories:
The Canterville Ghost
The Devoted Friend
The Happy Prince
A House of Pomegranates
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
The Model Millionaire
The Nightingale and the Rose
The Portrait of Mr. W. H
The Remarkable Rocket
The Selfish Giant
The Sphinx Without a Secret

The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Selected Poems & Sonnets (50 Poems)
The Sphinx

Art and the Handicraftman
De Profundis
The English Renaissance of Art
House Decoration
Lecture to Art Students
London Models
The Rise of Historical Criticism
Selected Prose of Oscar Wilde
Shorter Prose Pieces
The Soul of Man Under Socialism
Poems in Prose

Emile Zola

Abbe Mouret's Transgression
L'Assommoir (English: The Dram Shop, The Gin Palace, The Drunkard)
Captain Burle
The Death of Olivier Becaille
Doctor Pascal
The Downfall
The Dream
The Fat and the Thin
The Fete at Coqueville
The Flood
The Fortune of the Rougons
His Masterpiece
I Accuse
Jean Gourdon's Four Days
A Love Episode
The Miller's Daughter
Theresa Raquin
The Three Cities Trilogy (Les Trois Villes): Lourdes, Rome and Paris


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