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Alleviate Headaches, Neck and Joint Pain, Anxiety Attacks and Other Ailments

You have the potential to relieve most ailments with your hands. Acupressure is an ancient art practiced by Chinese for over 5,000 years. This fully illustrated guide by Aaron Stein, Ph.D., distills acupressure into simple exercises that can be used to alleviate wide range of medical conditions. Since its release 3 years ago over 25,000 people downloaded the guide!

Ailments Covered by the Acupressure Guide:

Headache and Migraine: Frontal Headache | Back of the head | Side of the head | Top of the head | Pain in the eye (Migraine behind the eye)

Local Pain: Jaw | Toothache | Ear | Neck | Shoulder | Wrist | Hand | Backache | Hip | Knee | Ankle | Foot

Cold and Flu: Sore throat | Sinusitis | Loss of Voice | Earaches | Allergy

Nervous System: Anxiety Attacks and Nervousness | Depression | Insomnia | Fainting | Hiccoughs | Memory and Concentration Improvement

Cardiovascular: Angina | Palpitations | High Blood Pressure

Abdominal Discomfort: Constipation | Diarrhea | Heartburn and Stomachache

Women only: PMS and Painful Periods | Hot Flashes | Pregnancy

Urinary Problems: Bed-wetting | Incontinence | Urinary retention

Other: Nose bleeding | Allergy | Itching | Asthma | Decreased Libido | Hangover

To order from a book store, supply the store with the ISBN number 1607787784
iPhone / iPad

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Product Features:

  • Practical and fully illustrated.
  • Step-by-step guide to treatment of every condition.
  • Every step explains point location, direction of force, and duration of massage.
  • No previous experience necessary.
  • It is not necessary to massage active points on your own, you can ask somebody else to massage points for you.
  • Total treatment duration for most conditions is 10 to 15 minutes.

How acupressure works:

Acupressure and acupuncture share the same active points (also called trigger points). The ancient Chinese developed system of active points stimulation over 5,000 years ago. The active points are located on imaginary lines called meridians. Accordingly, the points are referred to by the meridian they are located on and consecutive number of point on that meridian.

The ancient Chinese believed that life energy chi (pronounced chee) flows through these meridians. In a healthy person the energy flow trough meridians is unobstructed. The blockade of chi flow results in an illness. The Chinese believed that active points stimulation clears the meridians and improves the flow of energy.

The western medical science only begins to understand the mechanisms responsible for positive effects of active points stimulation. Stimulation of active points is thought to lead to increased release of endorphins. Endorphin is a natural body painkiller. Endorphin and morphine are chemically different molecules but, by coincidence, they have very similar 3-dimensional shape. This similarity in shape allows morphine to bind the endorphin receptor, reduce pain, and induce feeling of happiness. Thus endorphin released by acupressure stimulation may lead to relaxation and normalization of body functions.

Example of Active point description - Tai Yang:

Location: in the large depression on the side of the head about 1 inch away from the end of the eyebrow.
Direction: massage in circular motions back to front. The initial painful sensation will soon begin to subside.
Duration: 1 min


Excellent book! The major strength of the book are its crisp illustrations, thorough description of acupressure points location, and step-by-step explanations.
Andrew Sharp from Austin, TX
"Excellent book! The major strength of the book are its crisp illustrations, thorough description of acupressure points location, and step-by-step explanations. I have never tried acupressure before. I found this book very easy to use and very helpful in relieving my migraine."

I have read many different acupressure guides before. This one by far is the easiest to use.
Paul Stanley from Minneapolis, MI
"I have read many different acupressure guides before. This one by far is the easiest to use. Finally, I can understand the location of points and duration of necessary massage. Thank you for this nice book."

I am no longer afraid of the headache!
Marie Wilson from LA, CA
"I usually don't write reviews, but in this case I feel obliged to share my experience. I sometimes have this dull pain on the top of my head. Until recently I just had to survive until the bed time. Well, during one of those episodes I have downloaded the acupressure headache guide. Now I have used the guide on 3 separate occasions and I am no longer afraid of the headache. I had no previous experience with acupressure. So if this guide worked for me it can also help other people."

Good acupressure guide indeed!
Roger Green from London, UK
"Good acupressure guide indeed! ... Active point descriptions are easy to follow. I am using acupressure to treat my own and my son’s migraines. I have also used acupressure to treat my neck pain."

Amazingly simple!
A. Blumkin, N. Heaven, CT
"Acupressure has been around for ages but as other holistic medical techniques it has not been a part of our Western medical practice. People usually resorted to it after everything else (drugs, surgery, etc) failed to help in their particular medical condition.
Clearly, simple, self-administered, drug-free acupressure techniques should be a starting point for treatment of any disease that is known to respond.
This book does not intend to give you a cure-all solution. To the contrary, the book (based on author's extensive research) gives you a "know-how" on addressing basic and common human medical problems that have been known since ancient China to respond to acupressure methods"

I was able to alleviate my wrist pain
Reader, JP, MA
"My wrist was bothering me for over a year. I have tried wearing the splint but achieved little effect. My doctor was considering operation on my carpal tunnel nerve. I have decided to give a try to this Acupressure book. I was able to find trigger points indicated in the book easily - the description of the points was satisfactory. I have been massaging the points indicated in the book for several minutes each point. The pain subsided quickly after the massage. I have stopped treatment 2 weeks later. Now 3 weeks after I have stopped treatment I still have no problem with my hand."

Excellent alternative approach!
S Lemberg from London, NYC
"I am not generally the type to resort to alternative medicine but found this book extremely helpful. Several months ago I began having migraine headaches and consulted several doctors who prescribed painkillers. That didn't help, plus I really didn't want to be taking such medication full time. Then I came across this book, which was recommended by a friend. At first I was skeptical but my wife insisted that I try the techniques and I eventually saw improvement. Although the headaches sometimes recur, I now know the techniques for managing them and don't feel the need for full time medication. Overall, I'd suggest this book to others who want to try to avoid doctor visits and tons of unnecessary medicine."

Good product!
Paul Bauer from Cambridge, UK
"Good product! I am using this acupressure guide to treat my wife’s headaches - she tells that it really helps her."

Very well thought through collection of exercises!
Alex from LA, CA
"Very well thought through collection of exercises! Very good artwork too. I was able to locate points with ease and my bad knee seems to be better."

Very comprehensive guide, good verbal description, great artwork!
Steve Shane from Washington, DC
"I want to thank the developers of this software! Very comprehensive guide, good verbal description, great artwork, installs and runs seamlessly. I only wish this types of guides be available for other disorders."

Better than Advil and still gentle on your stomach
Geka from Marblehead, MA
"Great, easy to use software. Based on proven medical science."

It sounds like magic, but the wrist pain … disappeared after two treatments!
Barbara from Charlotte, SC
"… I bought it to treat my carpal tunnel syndrome. It sounds like magic, but the wrist pain that bothered me for over 9 months disappeared after two treatments."

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